Small Businesses

For small businesses who are unable to offer their employees traditional health insurance benefits, Physician Primary Care Plan™ is an affordable option to cover employee primary health care needs. Small Businesses can choose to cover the costs of employees’ plans or allow them to make payment on their own.

Additional Features

  • Offer PPCP™ discount health plans to all your employees, regardless of a full-time or part-time employment. Employees can register dependents for PPCP plans, as well. Discounted plans are also available for families.
  • Employees have access to their primary care physician for unlimited visits for preventive care and sick visits, with a low copay for each visit.
  • Small businesses have the option of contributing payments for their employees’ plans or choosing to have their employees cover the costs of the plans directly.
  • PPCP™ Plans are the most affordable primary care health plans available, starting from $50/ month.
  • In addition to low cost primary care services, PPCP™ Members save 50%-70% off of diagnostic tests through PPCP Partner Lab Service Providers, wherever available.