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Routine Care: $65/month* /  Comprehensive Care: $179/month*
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Hassle-free sign-up process with no waiting periods for routine medical care


Transparent pricing, at a fraction of other options. Low out of pocket payments


Diverse plans to meet your individuals, travelers & small business – fit your unique needs


See your preferred healthcare provider. Have a dedicated PCP to support your needs


Your Health, Your Way

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Comprehensive Options: Extensive options of healthcare plans, including coverage for pre-existing conditions, ensuring personalized care.


Employers:  Any business organization in the US may register and offer any plan to anyone, including fulltime, part-time or seasonal workers. Businesses with regular insurance plans may offer MyPhysicianPlan as an alternate option with premium services and reduce healthcare expense by more than 50%.


Premium Healthcare: Unlike traditional insurance, members may seek unlimited primary care physician consultations without worrying about out-of-pocket deductible fees and get care when they need. Also, Comprehensive Care members may visit any preferred specialist or hospital of their choice and receive best care. In addition to premium care, members also save more than 50% in plan fees & out of pocket expenses.

Primary Care Services

Routine Care

Lab Tests



Comprehensive Care Services

Primary Care



Behavioral Health



Routine Medical Care is available for all without any restrictions, including pre-existing conditions

Comprehensive care is not available in Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington

Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Massachusetts and New Jersey have an individual mandate resulting in additional cost

While there are no restrictions for members with preexisting conditions to enroll, some restrictions apply for a certain duration of time when seeking treatment for preexisting conditions at non-primary care facilities.

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