Uninsured Gig Workers, Part Timers, Visitors, Immigrants,  Unemployed, Small Businesses

If you do not qualify for or afford traditional health insurance, get primary care coverage through MyPhysicianPlan.


Monthly - $65*

Auto Renewal


Small Copay



PCP – Unlimted Dr Visits

Diagnostic Lab Tests

Prescription Medications


Self-enroll Anytime

Anyone can join

Cancel Anytime


No Registration

Self-Manage Members

Manage Cost

Welcome to MyPhysicianPlan

What we are solving?

Primary care is a basic necessity for all people. MyPhysicianPlan enables people without insurance to receive the same primary care services as insured population.

How does it work?

Any individual or a family can self-enroll for the plan at any time. Everyone, including visitors are eligible to self-enroll with no prescreening. Self-manage the plan and cancel anytime.

How does it compare with health insurance plans?

People with health insurance mostly use primary care physician (PCP) to manage their health. MyPhysicianPlan offers the same primary care coverage, including PCP, labs, and prescriptions.

How does it differ from traditional health Insurance?

Health insurance plans cover primary care and hospital/specialists, if required, after meeting the yearly deductible. MyPhysicianPlan is not insurance. MyPhysicianPlan covers primary care and has no deductibles.

How does it benefit businesses?

Businesses have the flexibility to enroll and offer the plan to any worker at any time, irrespective of their work or immigration status, thus offering basic health care coverage to uninsured workers.

Comprehensive Primary Care Services

Annual Visit

Sick Visit


Preventive Care



Cholesterol Control


Behavioral Health

Weight Loss

Lab Tests


Who Can Join?

 Anyone can join without any restrictions.


Gig workers/freelancers needing primary care coverage

Businesses without health insurance

Organizations seeking affordable healthcare coverage for uninsured workers

International visitors seeking physician oversight

Primary Care Coverage Benefits 

Discover the 4C’s of High Quality Primary Care to achieve optimal health and realize cost-savings

Contact - Reach out to your Primary Care Provider as the first point of contact, including before visiting the Emergency Room if feasible

Continuity - Reach out Primary Care Provider for ongoing and longitudinal care, and maintaining a trusting relationship over time

Comprehensive - Rely on PCP for addressing the physical, mental, social and environmental needs

Coordination - Utilize PCP for referrals and coordination of care with different settings and stakeholders

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From meaningful coverage to significant savings, your healthcare is simplified using modern technology.

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