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Benefits to Providers

Custom Rates & Plans

Select standard reimbursement rate or set custom rates for onsite and telehealth visits. Flexibility to modify the rates or cancel the plans at any time.

Access to Large Pool of GIG Workers and Small Business Employers

Providers can benefit from exposure to independent workers as well as employers offering MyPhysicianPlan to their fulltime or parttime employees without insurance coverage.

Receive Payments Immediately

With an advanced reimbursement process, providers get paid immediately and benefit from improved cashflows. There are no transaction or billing expenses or patient or insurance follow-ups, resulting in significant savings for the practice.

Transition Self-pay patients to MyPhysicianPlan

Providers can outsource the administration of their self-pay/cash patients and focus on delivering quality care without the hassle of billing, negotiating rates and tracking patient visits. Attract more patients who are looking for affordable and accessible primary care services in the US.

Increase Online & Social Media Exposure and Reputation

We help improve our providers online and social media exposure as well as reputation to effectively engage and attract more patients in their community.

Provider Enrollment

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Download and complete the provider enrollment form.


After receiving your form, one of our representatives will contact you to answer any questions you may have and assist you in completing the enrollment process.


STEP Three

Complete provider credentialing and onboarding. Add users to monitor and manage plans, members, and payments.

Please complete the form and scan and email it to
 [email protected] or fax to 443-594-7840.

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