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Simplifying Healthcare with Flexible and Budget-Friendly Plans

Current health insurance system and the double digit increase in premiums is not sustainable and it’s a big burden for all, especially startups, small businesses, and self-insured. In addition to unaffordable monthly premiums, the ever-increasing yearly deductibles payments of over five to ten thousand dollars that the members are required to pay, before any insurance coverage, makes it even harder to seek care when needed, especially ER/hospital services. Moreover, due to high deductibles, members are required to pay out of pocket even for regular preventive care and sick visits, forcing many to skip even regular doctor visits.

We have launched MyPhysicianPlan to address these gaps and offer a smarter choice that is both sustainable and provides a practical approach to seek care whenever necessary without undue financial burden. 

Our approach involves offering premium primary care services by providing unlimited access to members Primary Care Physician (PCP) for regular and preventive care without deductibles. This eases the financial burden on the members/families when seeking primary care services and maintain better health.

Second, for any health issues that can’t be addressed by the PCP, members can visit any provider referred by their PCP or any facility of their choice without any restrictions. In addition to flexibility to seek services from any hospital or specialist of their choice, members out of pocket costs for each of these services is limited to the amount selected by the member, making it more manageable without undue financial burden.

Third, apart from offering access to premium primary care services and top-rated specialists and facilities of members choice, we were able to reduce the monthly payments by more than fifty percent compared to traditional insurance plans. This makes MyPhysciainPlan a smart choice for everyone seeking premium care at a reasonable price.

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From meaningful coverage to significant savings, your healthcare is simplified using modern technology.

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