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Rising Costs!!!

With increase in health insurance payments by double digits each year, it’s becoming harder for organizations and employees to cope with the healthcare costs.

MyPhysicianPlan is here to help you offer alternate and affordable healthcare options to your staff to cut the payments for individuals and families by more than 50%.

Advantages for the Employers and Employees:


Reduce monthly payments by more than 50%


No restrictions to join or discontinue anytime


Members can visit any hospital or healthcare facility


Monthly payments paid by employer or employee

Why is MyPhysicianPlan Better Than Insurance ?

For a better understanding, let us compare routine care, emergency care, and the monthly payments.

With double digit increases in health insurance payments, it’s really essential for all employers to consider MyPhysicianPlan. Why pay $2,000 for healthcare insurance for a family when you can get similar services for less than $500?

Why should every employer consider offering MyPhysicianPlan as an option to all employees?


You can reduce the monthly payments by more than 50%


MyPhysicianPlan monthly payments start from $179 for individuals, $303 for couple, and $450 for family.


Unlike regular insurance, members can join or discontinue anytime and visit any doctor or healthcare facility.

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