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MyPhysicianPlan is here to help you attract and retain talented staff by offering premium healthcare options.

Any worker, including full-time, part-time, or seasonal workers can sign up for Routine care plan or comprehensive care plan at any time. There are no restrictions or delays for any worker to sign up for any plan.

Businesses can seamlessly manage member signup and contributions using MyPhysicianPlan platform, eliminating any administrative overhead.

Routine Medical Care: Starting from $50/month

Comprehensive Care: Starting from $179/month

With double digit increases in health insurance payments, it’s really essential for all employers to consider MyPhysicianPlan. Why pay $2,000 for healthcare insurance for a family when you can get similar services for less than $500?

Why should any businesses sign up for MyPhysicianPlan?

It costs around $65 per month to offer this great health benefit to any worker at any time irrespective of their employment status. There is no waiting period to sign up or offer the plan.

Are there any restrictions in offering this plan to workers?

There are no restrictions at all. Businesses can simply add worker details and the start date to offer the plan. Also, businesses can stop or cancel the monthly renewal plan at any time.

Who can sign up for MyPhysicianPlan?

Any businesses of any size can sign up and offer MyPhysicianPlan to any worker at any time, including part-time, fulltime, or seasonal workers.

What’s covered as part of the plan?

Workers can choose a dedicated board-certified primary care physician (PCP) and visit the doctor anytime they have a health issue or for preventive care without any limitations or restrictions.

Are there any deductibles or out of pocket costs for the members?

There are no deductibles. Members only pay a small copay for their doctor consults and only fifteen percent of the charges for the lab tests and pay less than twenty dollars for most medications.

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