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Self-enroll for a monthly plan at any time and select your preferred PCP.

Anyone can enroll without restrictions and discontinue the monthly plan at any time.


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Anyone can self-enroll in these plans same day without any restrictions or eligibility requirements and choose a preferred PCP to manage your healthcare needs.

Flexible Term

Discontinue the monthly renewal plan at any time.

Low Out of Pocket Costs

Pay lower out of pocket costs for blood tests and prescriptions. 


If you are traveling or unable to visit the doctor you can book telehealth appointments and receive treatment or prescriptions remotely.


In case of an emergency, doctors can coordinate the care with the ER physician and provide your health history and share medical records for better diagnosis and treatment.

Continuity of Coverage

Continue coverage in the event you change jobs. Even if you enroll with a health insurance plan, most of the providers participate in all major insurance plans.

Who Can Join?

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Gig Workers

If you are working on your own you can self-enroll for any of the available plans and start coverage immediately. If you work for a company, you can self-pay and seek reimbursement from your company or the company can enroll and add the employees.


Part-time or seasonal workers

There is no requirement for a full-time job to enroll for short-term or long-term plans. You can enroll for a plan term that best suits your needs. Employers may also pay for part-time and seasonal workers.


International Visitors

Monthly Auto Renewal Plan: $65*/Month. Discontinue at any time.


Undocumented Workers

Anyone can sign up for the plans as there is no requirement for immigration or residency status. You can pay for the plans by card or cash. Our goal is to make the plans accessible to all people irrespective of their legal status.

Serving Northeast – NJ, MD, PA, VA

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