Physician Primary Care Plan™ (PPCP™ or My Physician Plan™) enables primary care providers to offer affordable direct payment plans to uninsured and underinsured patients in the community. Any practice can register online, and qualified primary care providers can begin offering PPCP Plans within immediately. Providers will receive regular monthly payments for the duration of each Member’s plan and a copay made by the Member for each visit. Providers can increase their patient volume with PPCP plans, as they offer an affordable, flexible (1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month terms) option for those patients without health insurance, including minimum wage earners and small business employees.

Additional Features

  • Your practice can quickly signup and start offering the plan immediately and add any number of eligible providers.
  • Patients can sign-up for the plans online, print their id cards, and there is no paper work involved.
  • You can monitor the patients enrolled, eligibility, and their payment status online.
  • Monthly Revenue from PPCP™ Plans: Count on regular monthly revenues with no claims or time-intensive billing. Providers receive a regular monthly payment from PPCP™ based on the active PPCP™ members enrolled in plans.
  • Payments Deposited Directly through EFT: There are no claims or extra billing involved for providers. Monthly statements are generated by PPCP™ and payments are deposited directly to the Provider’s account.
  • Increase your patient population and serve the uninsured and underinsured members of your community who may be difficult to reach, often because of financial limitations.